Faith likes to get barbalyzed. Darla likes coeggulants. Patrice likes to read tubloids.


Photos from my 4-day orgwork marathon last week! So glad that two projects my teams have been working on are about to be/ currently being executed!! Freshie Tour and ASES, LEGGOOOOO!!

I know I’m supposed to be really really tired, but I love being productive and working with my teammates, so I guess my load isn’t as burdensome as it should be~~ I’m also relieved that the people I’m working with are ~saktong diverse, so it’s hard to get tired of them. HAHAHAH.

Lastly, working with FI has also made me miss my council days, but at least I still get to work with council! Hehe. Some of my batchmates that are now PH’s said that I somehow helped in pushing them to be active and that made me feel fulfilled :”) 

s t r e s s eating cos i’m exhausted

LL Brunch, crashing Yanna’s, ases log meeting- it’s been a long but really gr9 day~ i’m so glad LL’s all in Manila now hihi


Sam Smith - Nirvana

Sam Smith is amaziiing. And I think I like this better than Stay With Me actually lols

Lovely day! Faith’s finally back, and LL was almost complete at Nina’s party, yay!
I had a meeting at noon for FI, which I’m really glad to be part of ‘cause I really can’t wait to meet the Freshies, and be like a big sister! Hehe. 
Then, I met up with Faith and Pabs (lols, third-wheeling) for Jollibee and Ecodebates. Going to ecodebates was kinda like a homecoming ‘cause I saw a bunch of my old teammates (from both younger and older batches). I also got to catch up with Marianne, who came back from JTA, yay! Aaand MC won woo!
After ecodebates, we had karaoke night to celebrate Nina’s last teen year. It was crazy. HAHA. And I loved the food as always.
My thoughts are really incoherent right now because I’m super tired, and nervous about org work. Sigh. I need to rest.

Lovely day! Faith’s finally back, and LL was almost complete at Nina’s party, yay!

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