Faith likes to get barbalyzed. Darla likes coeggulants. Patrice likes to read tubloids.

Life has always been about lying to ourselves… to weave dreams and put brains and ideas and flesh and the truly real beneath the dreams.

—Ray Bradbury (the Toynbee Convector)

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Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.


Acceptance. There are things I miss that I shouldn’t, and things I don’t that I should. Sometimes we want what we couldn’t, sometimes we love who we could.

—Lang Leav (via alfredwashere)

I will fall asleep beside you and hope we dream the same dream. I will wrap my arms around you and listen to the silence of two heartbeats.

—Sana Dati (via iamwalp)

I’ve been feeling like such a hermit lately. O_O

I miss my friends (or well the non-orgy ones ‘cause they’re the only ones I’ve really been talking to lately hays)